Case studies

Research Professionals-CRO Case Study: Speed and Flexibility Delivered Through Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs)

Research Professionals CRO was engaged by a European based global pharma sponsor to conduct two pediatric psychiatric clinical studies using their established Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) approach, with home nursing led capabilities.

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Reducing Overall Timelines Through Efficient Recruiting

RP-CRO was engaged by a Western-European sponsor company to manage separate First in Human (FIH) and subsequently Safety/Efficacy multi-center studies for a medical device product. The device was surgically implanted and was used to treat renal patients requiring hemodialysis. Therefore, the suitable subject pool for these studies was limited, making the recruitment of subjects one of the biggest challenges for RP-CRO.

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Expanding Recruitment Strategies and Cost Reduction

Research Professionals CRO had been contracted to support a local region as part of large global cardiomyopathy placebo-controlled study. The global study had planned to recruit 510 subjects across 117 study locations in order meet the total number of required subjects for the study design.

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Computer Guided Dental Implant Study: Supporting start-up sponsor company through early phase randomized clinical trial

Research Professionals (RP) is a leading GCP compliant CRO based in the EU member Hungary with operations in Poland, Czechia, Romania, and Bulgaria, serving customers from across Europe and the globe.

DicomLAB Dental Ltd is a med-tech company dedicated to creating a computer-guided dental implant platform that improves precision, safety, and patient outcomes. The SMART Guide platform is used to aid with implant precision.

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Advantages of conducting clinical studies with CROs in Central and Eastern Europe

November 8, 2021 - Interview with Research Professionals’ (CRO) György BARTA who serves as Managing Partner for Research Professionals, a leading GCP complaint CRO. The interview provides insights into potential advantages to conduct clinical studies in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region with Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) like Research Professionals.

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How to Reduce your Clinical Study Budget with a CRO in Central and Eastern Europe

February, 2022 - Clinical research studies for pharmaceuticals and medical devices are complex and expensive programs. Every study can be so critical that running a good one can make the difference between your product failing or making it to market. Working with large high-quality Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) in established western markets can be very expensive to achieve high-quality study programs.

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