We offer a wide range of services at Research Professionals, a regional Clinical Research Organization (CRO). We provide you with access to excellent study sites, and experience with hundreds of patients recruited in 15+ therapy areas. Research Professionals bounds up with 150 associated staff – including nurses who are fully dedicated to the highest standards of conducting clinical trials in Central and Eastern Europe. The combination of local knowledge, global experience, and the latest technology allows our clients to conduct their studies faster and more cost-effective.

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If you are a startup company, we understand how tough it is to deliver within timelines and to keep the investors convinced. If you’re short on staff or if you’re lost in the clinical scene, we’re a reasonable choice for that situation too. Research Professionals has been satisfying clients across Europe, get in between them!

As an SME, do you have a bunch of studies in the pipeline, that would benefit from CEE operations? We manage your clinical studies with a timely startup and keep your trials on track until the final report approval. The region is well-known for excellent investigators and enthusiastic clinical staff, supported by highly educated research professionals. At Research Professionals, strong key business functions and clinical expertise are granted!

As a large company, you may be faced with that individual needs are more challenging and requires rapid, flexible solutions. Moreover, filling vacancies appears tough recently. At Research Professionals, the good rate of patient enrolment, and the increased patient retention supports the enhanced data collection. Our global network is made up of regional CROs, who understand local needs. Our values create a solid basis for organizational alignment, and peak performance. Regional is the new global!

Hungary has been referred to as one with “highly educated professionals, an advantageous geographic setting, and a supportive environment for investment”.* Hungarian scientific creativity is built on strong knowledge, we are proud to have 11 Nobel Prize Laurates.

The investment volume in Hungary rose by 16.9%, and the seasonally adjusted volume of investments in Q4 exceeded the previous quarter’s by 3.8%. The 2018 investment volume in Hungary reached HUF 8.495 trillion.**


** BBJ Thursday, February 28, 2019, 11:30

Central and Eastern Europe is one of the most dynamically growing regions, having clear benefits to conduct clinical research studies. The number of active/registered trials in Poland (1660/6135), Hungary (990/3745), Romania (520/2310), and Bulgaria (510/1835) are in the top according to

Based on the most recent statistics available in the FDA Inspections record, analysis outcomes show that the countries of our operation – (CEE-4) such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, and Romania – perform better than the Western European countries. The ratio of NAI* in the CEE-4 (54.6%, 161/295) is higher than in Western Europe (27.5%, 299/1088). At inspections, there was no OAI** in the CEE-4, while Western Europe showed 7.1%.

*No Action Indicated, no objectionable conditions or practices were found during the inspection

**Official Action Indicated, objectionable conditions were found and sanctions are indicated

ACROSS is the first truly global, agile CRO alliance. Offering cost effective, cutting edge innovative solutions for small and medium pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as public health institutes, and non-governmental organizations, ACROSS is the latest player on the global field of clinical trials.

ACROSS sets out to disrupt the norms of traditional global clinical trial delivery.

Listening to, and understanding clients’ needs, implementing agile, risk-based approaches to project management and operations, as well as adopting innovative technologies to initiate and deliver clinical trials with both speed and professionalism, ACROSS delivers a clear competitive advantage for its clients.

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